Spirit levels are crucial tools for a variety of applications when it comes to DIY. Every time work is carried out, it has to be perfect. With that in mind, it’s really important that a high quality spirit level is used. This is one tool where you can’t skimp on the quality.

I’ve tested quite a few spirit levels and picked my favourite ones that do a fantastic job.

Milwaukee Red Stick

The Milwaukee spirit level is hands down one of the best spirit levels I’ve used. It’s extremely lightweight, but at the same time it’s also very durable thanks to it being comprised of metal. It has a great straight edge, and thanks to its size it makes working on larger projects a real breeze. I used this to act as a guide when it came to planning doors in my house after having flooring fitted.

It’s also great for hanging larger photos thanks to it’s 100 centimetre length. Even better, there are two levels on it, so regardless of what the orientation of the work is you’re carrying out, you’ll be able to make sure that the work is 100% level. A nice feature is the small cut out at the end of it so you can hang it when it’s not in use. This is a much better option than just propping it up against the wall (meaning it could fall). When carrying out mid size to large jobs, this is the spirit level that you should be reaching for, hands down.

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Bosch Professional Spirit Level

There’s going to be situations whereby you’ll be needing a small spirit level to carry out a task thanks to space constraints. The sad news is that a lot of the smaller spirit levels are pretty inaccurate, as well as being flimsy. Thankfully, one spirit levels that bucks this trend is the Bosch Professional.

Within the unit, there are three levels present. Two of these levels can be easily seen both face on, as well as top down, depending on the orientation you have them in. Whilst carrying out my testing on this, it helped me to get the level spot on for the work that I was carrying out. Since it is 25cm long, it really made it easy to get into tighter spots for the testing purposes.

As you would expect from a spirit level in the professional line, it is made from high quality aluminium. Not only does that make it very light (and therefore easy to maneuver), but it also makes it extremely strong. Bosch really have thought of it all with this spirit level in that the underside of it is magnetic. Given that in a professional setting this is a must, it’s great to see this feature added into it.

However, even when I was carrying out some of my tasks which did involve magnetic screws, I found the magnets on the underside of the level a great way to make sure that the screws didn’t go walk about when I put them down. This is a really nice feature that I wish other manufacturers would consider.

As mentioned, this spirit level really is robust, included both end caps which are shock absorbing. Since this is a tad more expensive than other spirit levels, you’ll want this as added peace of mind should it drop and fall on its end. In addition to this, Bosch have included hanging cut outs on both end caps so that you can easily hang this up when it’s not in use.

The normal model is 25cm long. However, Bosch also offers this Professional spirit level in 60cm and 120cm lengths as well. Not only does it offer the same high quality, but also the same level of accuracy. However, for the 60cm and 120cm options, there are not magnets in it due to their size. As a compromise, they have included soft grip handles in order to ensure comfort and accuracy for these larger options.

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Stabila Measuring Spirit Level

Our final pick on this list comes from the highly reputable brand Stabila. It comes in a array of sizes (40cm, 50cm, 60cm and 80cm). It should be noted that there are only two levels in this spirit level. However, as is the case with the other two products on this list, it is also made out of aluminium, so of course, it is super strong.

It should also be noted that unlike the Milwaukee and Bosch spirit levels, this does not have rubber end caps for drop protection. It does however have a cut out on it to hang it from a hook. In addition to this, all size models for the Stabila has an inlay in it for easy gripping in more obtuse locations.

It was also extremely accurate, which is exactly what you would expect from Stabila.

One thing that really makes it stand out from the competitors is the built in measure along the bottom of the spirit level. This is something that I hadn’t even thought about before, but it really does kill two birds with one stone. I compared the accuracy of the built in measure to that of several tape measures, and it was spot on.

I’m surprised that other brands have never thought about adding a measure into their spirit levels, although this certainly does make it a unique selling point for Stabila. The built in measure allowed me to carry out additional tasks when using this as a straight edge, and meant I didn’t need to faff around with a tape measure as well. It’s a bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

Stabila Measuring 02593 Spirit Level 82 S/40 cm
  • Rectangular die-cast profile made of injected aluminum, manageable and sturdy, with a horizontal and a vertical bubble; with a handle for a more comfortable grip and handling

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