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Drill bits are a crucial part of any drill. Whilst some brands offer one or two drill bits in the box, it’s always necessary to buy separate drill bits along with the drill.

There are a lot of different bit types. This is due to different surfaces requiring a different bit. For example, wood, metal and masonry all require a different drill bit type in order to create a proper and uniform finish.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the best drill bit sets to ensure that you’ve got all the information needed to make an informed decision about this. I’ve tested all of these myself numerous times before recommending them below.

Bosch 103 Piece X-line Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set

Bosch are well known for their excellent tools, including their drills. To complement this, they have a rather extensive list of drill bit sets. For the best bang for your buck, I can recommend the 103 piece set.

It’s rather substantial in terms of the variety of bits that are in it. The set includes 3 spade bits which are made from titanium, as well as 4 holesaws which is unusual in a kit like this. In addition to this, there are also 18 titanium coated metal drill bits, ranging 0-10 mm in diameter. There are also 7 masonry drill bits 7 wood drill bits.

What I was really impressed with as well as how many screwdriver bits are included. All in there are 40 screwdriver bits, which includes Torx heads which isn’t something you routinely see in kits like this.

There is also a small spirit level, a tape measure and hammer, as well as an adjustable hammer and 2 pliers.

The quality of all of the parts in this sit is excellent. At just under £40, this is more than enough for any DIY enthusiast that wants to have a high quality, multi use set without spending a fortune on it as well. I’ve been able to carry out various jobs for myself as well as family and friends and this set has been great time in, time out. Highly recommended.

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Bosch Professional 25 Piece Metal Bit Set

For those that are doing a lot of work with metal, it’s probably the case that a lot of different sized drill bits for metal is needed. The stand out best option for this task is from the Bosch Professional range.

Within the set, there are 25 drill bits that can be used to drill into metal, as well as plastic without shearing it off. I would say that these are built for moderate to heavy use. The reason for this is that it has a special PointTeQ tip to them which helps to keep it sharper for longer, meaning that you’ll always get a smooth hole with them.

In addition to this, they have been designed in such a way with their composition of Cobalt that when using it, it produces less heat than other drill bits. The significance of this is that they last longer due to them not being weakened by generated heat.

When using these, I found it incredibly useful to have 25 pieces that range from 1mm to 13mm in diameter. They increase in increments of 0.5mm which meant that each time I reached for these drill bits, I was always able to get the exact hole diameter that I needed.  Each time I drilled through metal using them, the holes looked as though a brand new bit had been used. The finish was flawless and was better than metal bit sets I’ve seen at triple the price of this one.

It also left a smooth finish when drilling into plastic. I didn’t try this on masonry or wood since it isn’t designed to be used for these tasks.

At less than £30, this is a fantastic value for money metal drill bit set. If you need to solely drill into metal, this is the drill bit set that you need.

Bosch Professional 25pc. HSS PointTeQ ProBox Metal Drill Bit Set (for Steel, Ø 1-13 mm, Accessories Drill Driver and Drill Stand)
  • The Professional 25pc. HSS PointTeQ ProBox Metal Drill Bit Set from Bosch - fast drilling in metal due to PointTeQ tip design

Last update on 2024-07-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.