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Bosch have a variety of different drills for a whole range of different uses. These can be found at varying price points.

In this review I’ll be taking a look at the Combi Drill PSB 1800

What’s in the box?

In the box, there is of course the drill itself. I was surprised with the weight of it; it’s just under 1.5kg, but the weight is just right. Also included in the box is a carrying case for it, the manuals for it, a charger and two, 18v batteries. Each battery has a capacity of 1.5Ah.

Again, another excellent addition is the fact that when you reach the pre-set torque, the drill will cut off. This means that no damage will occur by over torquing. This is a feature that I haven’t seen on drills that are double the price, so this is a big thumbs up. There is also one Philips screwdriver bit included in the set to start you off.

Feature Set

What made me go out and purchase the PSB 1800 was the fact that it could be used in a  variety of different  situations, as well as different materials whilst at the same time having a modest price point.

I really like that it can be used as a screwdriver, but can also be used in impact mode to drill into masonry.

This is due to it having twenty different torque settings which can be easily selected on the unit. By having 20 different torque settings, it means that there isn’t the concern that the drill wouldn’t be adequate enough for the job.

At this price point, it’s unusual to find a high quality impact function on it, this is included in the PSB 1800. It has a second gear function solely for this.

It was very easy installing bits into the chuck as well. It wasn’t fiddly, and the bit remained in place whilst carrying out the jobs in hand.

It should be noted that whilst it can drill into masonry, it cannot drill into concrete.


Whilst a drill might have all the bells and whistles that you could hope for, it doesn’t mean much if these can’t carry out the tasks you’re demanding of it.

The first test when using this was to put together some flat pack furniture. It’s something that I do enjoy, but it can be time consuming doing this with a manual screwdriver. The PSB 1800 handled the task with ease and it was done in no time.

Similarly, I used the drill to put up a Ring doorbell for a friend using a masonry bit. By going slowly and using the proper drill bit and torque setting, it gave a flawless finish.

At the time of this review, I didn’t have any need to drill into metal. However, having some spare sheets around for a project that never took off, I used a metal bit and it created an extremely clean hole in the metal itself.

For anyone that is doing light to moderate DIY work, this won’t disappoint. It has all the features needed to get a great end result each time.

In terms of battery life, this is difficult to judge since everyone has different uses for their drills. However, since two batteries are included, you’ll never be caught short as long as both are charged up.

Whilst using the drill on a variety of different materials, I never found it cumbersome to use, nor did it fatigue my hand or arms. The weight is just right and I found it to be extremely well constructed.

Value For Money

At just under £100 at the time of writing, you’re getting a lot of features in this drill.

Given that two batteries are included, it adds even more value to the overall package considering how expensive batteries are just now. If you consider that getting in a handy man to assemble flat pack furniture, or carrying out a relatively easy task like installing a door bell would cost around £70, spending the extra £30 or so on this is a much better option since you’ll have it for a long time for other tasks.

Granted, there is only one bit in the box. It would have been nice to see some additional drill bits added in, but these can be had a modest price. Bosch actually make a 70 piece bit set which includes screwdriver bits and a variety of bits for wood, metal and masonry.

I suppose the argument is that by not including it in the box, it means Bosch can keep the cost down and let you choose the bits you need for your own uses, instead of thrusting unneeded equipment onto you.

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Bosch 70-Pieces X-Line Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set (for Wood, Masonry and Metal, Accessories Drills)
  • X-Line drill and screwdriver set suitable for multiple applications in wood, stone and metal.

Last update on 2024-05-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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The Bosch Combi Drill PSB 1800 is a seriously verstaile and impressive drill. It has enough features to see you through a variety of tasks and is a great addition to any enthusiasts tool collection.



Plenty of torque settings Comfortable to use Excellent results


Only 1 bit included in the box