Adjustable spanners are great for a wide range of tasks that would otherwise require a large number of spanners. Not all are created equal, and it should be noted that it’s always best to invest in an adjustable spanner that will work well, whether it’s the first use or the 50th use.

Milwaukee Adjustable Set

Milwaukee are well known for their excellent quality tools, no matter what they are. This adjustable spanner set is no exception to the rule. In the set, there are two spanners included. The smaller of the two has a 6” handle and the maximum width for the jaws is 24.5mm. The other one in the set had a 10” handle and the maximum opening is 36.5mm. These two spanners really complement each other well regardless of what the task in hand is.

Not only are they made of extremely strong steel, but Milwaukee have also coated them in chrome. This will not only protect it from rust and corrosion, but it will make it more durable as a whole. The handles on both are very ergonomic and it was a breeze using these spanners for the tasks I put to them. At no point did it cause any damage to my fixtures and fittings, nor did the jaws slip whilst I was using both models in this set.

I’ve dropped both of them several times onto concrete and neither of them expected any damage to the chrome finish.

Milwaukee also do this in a larger model that has a 12” handle and a maximum jaw opening of 41mm. This is of the exact same high quality as the two in the set, and it’s ideal for those that need to complement the set with a large spanner.

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Last update on 2023-06-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Maxpower 8” Adjustable Spanner

My second pick is the Maxpower 8” adjustable spanner. Off the bat, I really like how durable it feels in the hand. It has a very durable handle that’s non slip, the importance of which cannot be overstated, depending on how tight the bolt or nut is that you’re removing. The 8” handle gives a lot of leverage, making a lot of tough jobs a lot easier thanks to this.

Aside from the non-slip handle, the spanner itself is made from incredibly strong vanadium steel meaning that it’ll survive many a drop during its years of use. With respect to the opening capacity, it goes up to 30mm. I didn’t notice any severe slipping or damage to the components that I was using this on, nor did I experience any discomfort in my hand during, or after use.

As an added bonus, there are also two smaller openings in the body of the spanner to remove small hexagonal components. It’s a nice little addition to an excellent adjustable spanner.

MAXPOWER 8"/200mm Adjustable Wrench with Soft Grip Handle, Extra Wide Adjustable Spanner Wrench with MAX Opening Capacity 30mm
  • 【Durable to Use】- Made of vanadium steel, which is superior in strength and durability. Wrapped in plastic, comfortable and non-slip Lightweight aluminum alloy, short handle and large opening, practical and suitable for the most demanding jobs.

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Wera Joker 6004 Self Setting Adjustable Spanner

Wera are another renowned tool maker who is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation. One of their stand out products is the Joker range of adjustable spanners.

Unlike the other spanners on this list, there is no screw mechanism that you need to use to set the width. Instead, it will automatically determine the correct size needed and adjust itself to that, which is a pretty cool feature. During my extensive testing, it worked to perfection every single time.

In addition to this, Wera have included a ratchet mechanism in the spanner. I found this to be really efficient and it made light work of the tasks I was using it for. For those working in particularly tight areas where getting the spanner in place can be tricky, having the ratchet mechanism really is a great option that I was greatly for. It took a lot of stress out of the job in hand.

Wera make multiple versions of the spanner, with the 6004 offering the largest jaw size of 32mm. It is a bit more expensive than the others for a single spanner, but the features do make it worth the price.

The spanner as a whole is very strong and I’ve got no doubt that it’ll last for many years of hard work.

Wera '05020100001 6004 Joker S Self-Setting Spanner, 10-13 (7/16"-1/2")
  • The adjustable Joker 6004 covers all metric and imperial dimensions in the respective field of application

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