Last Updated on October 15, 2023 by Stewart

Thanks for dropping by The DIY Enthusiast! I’m Stewart and am the sole owner and writer of the content here. I started the site after having enjoyed DIY for several years. I was also disappointed to be let down time and again by tradesmen that either didn’t turn up, or turned up and did a terrible job on the work tasked to them.

In turn, I learned how to carry out this work myself so that I could get it down at just the cost of materials (and also the satisfaction of having done it myself).

I noticed that a lot of other sites just contained generic information which didn’t really help the reader.

I wanted to change that, and as such started this site to help others get real, accurate and reliable information for their DIY needs. The aim of the site going forward is to continue expanding this information so that you can make an informed decision after reading my content.